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Ability Software Consultants are computer software training and development providers based in Gloucestershire, UK. We specialise in providing training and customisation services for all Microsoft Office and Microsoft desktop applications as well as for the suite of applications.


Ability Software Consultants have been producing, using and reselling there IT training materials since 1992.

We specialise in the supply of high quality, classroom-based, instructor-led, training courseware for all Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Project and Visio) and (Calc, Writer, Impress and Base) applications.

Training Philosophy

Officecourseware is designed to support the trainer and provide reference material for trainees to take away from their training course. It is specifically not designed to be used as a "teach yourself" guide. This means that trainees will not be able to pass the documentation on to a colleague who has not attended the training course.


Officecourseware is divided in to chapters, each of which covers a specific topic.

Courses are mostly designed to last one or two days for an average group of trainees.


Officecourseware training manuals for Microsoft applications are written in Microsoft Word using Word's standard styles. Officecourseware training manuals for applications are written in Writer using Writer's standard styles. This means that it is easy for you to attach your own template to a document and reformat it to your own in-house style. We can advise you on creating and attaching templates.


All Officecourseware training material is written and used by the trainers of Ability Software Consultants.

All course material is developed by David Price. David is a Microsoft Certified Professional and a Microsoft Certified Product Specialist and has been an IT trainer since 1984.